Prayer to heal my mother

by Andrea

Oh lord most merciful and righteous. Please forgive me. For I haven't honored my mother. For the years I spent pushing her away. And now in her last days I finally see her awesomeness. I finally see. The gift u bestowed upon me. A kind and gentile mother with overflowing love and patience. Why did it take me so long to see!? Forgive me for the things I took for grated and for what I still do.


I was never worthy of such. But now that her time is limited, I can't stay by her side for the years that I had hoped for. I beg,plead and cry for you to heal her, rejuvenate her body mind and soul.grant me just 5 years more allow her to welcome the new generation to the world. I want her to see her grandchildren or even just one. I ask with every fiber in my soul grant my family strength to pull through this grant us our much needed miracle, heal her please. Amen

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Jul 25, 2011
Bless for you
by: Anonymous

I'll be praying for your mom's health too.
God bless you and your family...

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