Prayer to Heal My Relationship and Change our lives

by Nelson Albert
(Los Angeles, CA)

Dear Lord My Savior Christ


I Offer you this prayer to ask for your divine blessing, your forgiveness I humbly ask of you to help my relationship with my girlfriend I love her with all my heart and we both are in a moment where we are to move apart from our home because of our financial status and the stress that it has come along, she does not know you Christ like i do lord you have spoken to me your holy words and to and what I should do, My lord I don't want her out of my life I don't want to step backwards I want her to know you, to grow, be responsible, understanding, and loving help us grow together help us change our lives for the better I know that this new year will bring big changes for all of my family Thank you for all that you do for me I love you lord with all my heart please forgive me for the mistakes I've done everything i can do with your strenght In Jesus Christ Amen

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