Prayer to heal our marriage

Please pray & ask God to hear my prayers so that my marriage can be saved. My husband & I love each other very much but somehow some way we tend to find ourselves fighting about many things that sometimes have no purpose. It seems as if something dark & evil is constantly lurking about our midst attempting to destroy our marriage.


Pray that God sends his angels to protect us from these dark forces and all others working against our happiness, so that my husband and I can reconcile and stay married. All I want is to be a good wife & be there for my husband as I promised him I would when we exchanged vows.

I love my husband and I love God most of all for bringing us together. Please do pray for us and pray and hope that God's will is to keep my husband & I united in marriage. God Bless you all.

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by: Anonymous

god bless u to lead a happy married life.octoid

by: Anonymous

I have Been married 34 yrs it is not easy
Financial issues family conflicts
We go to church Sunday even if we had a fight
Saturday somehow that heals
We never go to bed in separate rooms
We have no children so it would have been easy
To go our separate ways in difficult times
Long time ago we were close to splitting
We go to church not our regular church but
Another Parrish and then someone comes up
To us and ask that we be the gift bearers that
Is bring the wine up to the priest
What are the odds ! Please keep god in your
Marriage check to see if there are retreats from
The church for couples may be hard to get him
To go as it was for me to get my wife to go
If he does not join you on Sunday church then
You go by yourself and keep going do not badger
Him just go eventually he will join you
God will show you the way

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