Prayer to heal sever pain

by Randy

Heavenly Father God, My son has severe pain related to spinal column injury. I pray in the name of Jesus Christ for healing of his back injury and resolution of his pain. My son also suffers with severe and chronic foot pain . I pray that the blood of Christ poor over my son's feet and relieve his chronic pain problems. In the name of Jesus Christ. I pray amen.

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Aug 19, 2014
Seeking salvation
by: Anonymous

Dear lord, the father of the bible whom I give my trust and I believed by confessing with my mouth that.He is Lord Jesus
and believing in my heart Jesus death and rose again to forgive
sins and gave us eternal life. Thank you Lord for allowing me to
seek salvation in the name of Jesus.

Mar 12, 2012
Prayer to Relieve Pain
by: Anonymous

Dear God,

Please watch over this man's son and all others who are in pain. Please fill them with your healing love. Please take away their pain and suffering and replace them with joy, gratitude, trust and faith in You so that they are able to live out their lives praising You and accomplish great things in Your name.

Please also watch over this father and all other parents who have children who are suffering. I appeal to Mary to bring comfort to these families. She had to watch her own child, Jesus, suffer on the cross so she understands their pain.

I pray for healing and peace for these families in Jesus' name. Thank you Lord, Amen.

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