Prayer to Heal suffering

Almighty God,


You are the most powerful who can heal this pain i am suffering right now. My relationship with my partner is now complicated and I am the one who is most hurting. I love him and You always know what I have in my heart.

I asked for him from you, You have given him to me. And i do appreciate that my prayer is being answered. You have the power to take him away from me. Dear God, if your will is for him to walk away from me.

I will accept, but please carry me when I need to suffer. Hold me close to you as I have no one here to understand the pain i have to go through. This is so painful that I could not cry. Please hold me close Dear God. Make this easy for me. Amen.

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by: Anonymous

I understand and will pray for you.

by: Anonymous

I understand what you are going throught right now. I am going throught the same things. I did ask God for his blessing before I got married and i got it and now I don't know what plan God has for me, but the pain and suffering won't go!
I love my husband more and more everyday and i can't live without him.
I will keep you in my prayer.

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