prayer to heal the sick

by alice

Dear lord im asking u today to hear my prayers and help each and, every sick child who is in pain ur the highest supreme and glory ur the greater of earth and heaven if u say let it be it be , no one is stronger then u god u can't be defeated , I have been praying and asking u for the last 2 yrs to heal, my seven years old daughther from her illness and u did answer me in ur own mistress way I thanck u lord for her health improvement n her healing but lord I might be greedy tonight oid Im asking u please to cure ruby and let her enjoy her chi out childhood without pain and heal every sick child in pain forgive there parents if they sinned there human ..u r our father the biggest and strong est insight our way light my road thanck u lord for sending A friend edy who helped me with my ruby please god help him to c the light and find the truth about u he seems lost and found u the wrong way give him a light a hint to see find piece and happiness amen .......

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