Prayer to help me clear my debts.

by Raj

Dear Dear God, i have fallen into a mess by accululating so much loans.I am unable to pay this. My intentions are good. I want to repay. But i cannot. My family is suffering because of me. I have sinned deep but thining i will be able to repay. Its a big big amt and i am afreid my children are going to be burdened with this debt, if i do not pay off before i physically can. help me help me.

I cannot see any solution here. the market is bad and its adding as the prob to my business too. help my business grow so i can atleat pay back thru profits. Pls Pls help me. pls pray for me.

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clear financial debt NEW
by: Dawn

Please help me and watch over me every minute of the day. My intentions are good towards my family and fellow man. I know that it is my own fault that I have accumulated this debt, even thou I am trying hard to work and pay of these debts it never goes away. I want peace in life. I want my home, family and friends to enjoy a healthy life. I am not greedy nor selfish. Anything I have to share with others so I am asking for this help please. Please erase all of my financial debts including school loans so that I may return back to school so I can continue to further my education and get a higher paying job. In turn getting a higher paying job will allow me to help people more including helping my family with their financial burdens. I will also be able to help those people in my community by donating more.

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