Prayer to help me find the perfect guy of your choice

by ml lee

Almighty God,

Please help me find a relationship with the perfect guy of your choice. Please bring me to my most perfect partner.

I have had trouble with love in the past, my heart has just been broken badly by a man whom I love very much. All I wanted is being soul mate and life partner for each other. However, R didn't seem to see eye to eye with me on this. He wanted only a casual relationship with me.
Please help me forget the pain and hurt I have had with R. From grief, loss and the pain of love gone wrong.Let me leave deep heartache in my past.
And be whole and happy again to find love.

I open to love in all ways.
Let love meet me around the next corner.
Please bring to me my most perfect partner.
I seek a partner who enhances me by his very being.

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