Prayer to help me live against breast cancer

by Nicole

mum who has breast cancer she dont know what stage it is until after surgery which is Jan. 14 her last bf of eight years just died of kidney cancer only eight months ago and it tore her world apart.Unemployment got shut off my brother totaled her truck she got laid off after eight years and can barely pay her rent at the hotel she lives at. Now her current bf is in the hospital incubated with a bad case of phenomia.


So he is not working. My mother is a very good person.Shes living in a motel just barely getting by. Please pray that things will get better and that my mum will be okay. I am trying my best but there is only so much i can do.Please hear my prayer

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by: Elva R

I will keep your mother in my prayers its hard going through hard times and not knowing what to do makes u feel helpless but going to God is the right decision there's no better place then to put your faith in then God, i will pray for u

Prayer warrior of Ga
by: Anonymous

I send special prayers your way and pray The Lord lays his powerful hands on your entire family.

Tampa fl
by: Mum

I am praying for you today
Today and tomorrow is the solemity
Of Mary our blessed Mother
There are masses tonight and tomorrow
At church
Please find a church and go
Take Mum

by: Anonymous

I ask the Lord to destroy the cancer in your body.
I also ask the Lord heal you and restore you full heath.
I ask the Lord to show you the catholic priest name Father Romano Sago and his natural formula that he has used to cure many people around the world to remove their body of cancer.
I ask the holy spirit to come to you and in the name Jesus to heal you and provide you with the right people, diet and tools to heal yourself too.

Prayers said
by: Anonymous

Prayers said to our Heavenly Father to cure your mother of breast cancer and to help her through her financial hardship. In Jesus' name, Amen

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