prayer to help me overcome my depression and reconcile my relationship with my ex boyfriend

by leanne
(melbourne,victoria, Australia)

Dear St JUDE, I come to you in desperate need of help. I am so depressed I am unable to look after myself in my own home, am on antidepressants, off work and am worried how I am going to survive to pay my bills and mortgage. I broke up with my boyfriend Adam who was the love of my life four months ago and am struggling to see a life without him by my side.


I love him and miss him terribly. I was supposed to be his future wife and mother of his children and then he fell out of love with me . Please help him to find the love he once had for me so he can come back to me soon and we can be together as a family forever.

Please help me to overcome this deep depression and hurt so I can return to my full time job and return to being able to take care of myself in my own home. I ask you St Jude to please interced on my behalf in helping me obtain these petitions. I will always be grateful for these favours and will let it be known how you have helped me.

Please pray for me. Amen

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