Prayer to help me with probation

by Gm

Dear god I know I made mistake and like the sinner I am I prayer for forginess and guidance thru this journey. I have not been doing what I'm suppose to do and now I suffer the consequences. Please god help me bring some light to me. I pray for my family health, financial help I don't ask for wealth just to help me parents and family and pay this debts. In your name lord oh mighty please hear my cries.

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Feb 21, 2017
by: TB JR

St. Jude help my son find a way to pay his probation. Help him take his Bi-polar medicine until his girlfriend Crystal helps him find a real Doctor that can help my son Terry. St. Jude I cant get him to understand how important it is to take his medicine. He is in denial. and I don't know what to do. I cant reach him. Im trying to explain to him that drinking doesnt help the issue. All he does is get upset about his past and how he messed up and is so down on himself. Please I need your help please help him. Please reach him. Amen

Nov 24, 2015
Life was hard but I love God
by: Alberto Ronquillo

Dear God I pray that I get off probation Ive done alot for my kids and kids that werent Mine I LOVE U God u know I love and I want u to save us from thoses bad people out their I wanna SHOW my kids right from wrong PLZ GOD I LOVE U IM SORRY FOR MY PAST I WAS SO YOUNG AND DUMB PLEASE I LOVE U GOD

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