prayer to help my husband find profitable work to help support his family

by ramie
(Longview Tx United States)

God, I am truly blessed you have put me and my future husband in each others lives.

you have blessed him and me and Others with so many wonderful gifts .
I hope I can make you proud by carrying out your will for us.
We have fallen on some hard times and were trying to get back on our feet again .

I have such an amazing partner in my life that all he wants to do is provide for his family .
I know you know what a good and honest hardworking man he is.
Please pray for him and help him find a good job where he can be happy and successful at.
please help him be able to support his growing family.

Thank You for all that you have helped us with . Not just with my needs or my family's but with everyone . Please show us your grace by giving him the chance to show what a good worker and honest man he is . Thank You , again for all that you've done.

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