Prayer to keep him

Dear God I pray that you bring me and cam closer together. I pray that you protect my heart and guide me. I pray that I can keep his attention and that you make all these other girls go away. I like him a lot and I feel as though I'm falling in love with him. I pray that he doesn't hurt me and that he understands that I've been hurt before. I pray that our conversations get better and better and that he sees in me a lot that he loves. I pray that he can fall for me too. I pray that he thinks about me like I think about him and that he does care about me and loves me like i love him. I pray that I can go with him on that trip and that it brings us closer together. I hope that I can see him more and that he does grow feelings for me. Please God I pray that you hear me, I dont want to lose him. Amen

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