Prayer to Live a Better Life

by Malvin
(Bronx NY)

Dear lord,


I'm not the most religious man in the world and nor I am perfect. I come to you because I am in direct need of your help. I've applied to many companies and jobs and only managed to land 4 unsuccessful interviews.

I'm always eternally grateful for giving me the opportunity to get these interviews. But I am fearing that I am struggling for I'm still currently unemployed. I'm eternally grateful for blessing me with a great life and amazing people that I'm surrounded by and love me and support me.

But I'm here to pray for a job that can support me financially till I in hopes to finish school some day and become a successful professional. Please heavenly father, hear my prayers. I need your support and guiding spirit to help me when I am down. Lift me sky high and make me stronger.

You're gracious spirit make me a better person. I pray in the Lord Jesup Christ. Thank you. Amen.

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