Prayer to not lose our house

Could you please pray for me and my wee family who I love so much. We are in financial difficulty and might lose our house. My husband is such a good man but he can't get work. He needs a hip replacement and It is hard to watch him struggle to keep his family. I work all hours I can get but need to have an surgery soon also for something serious.


We don't want great wealth, just enough to pay our bills and give our kids some things. We have worked all our lives and not depended on benefits but we are going to lose everything. If god could find it in his heart to help us I will make sure we give back by helping others.

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horseracing to lose your house
by: Anonymous

We were in the same boat and the kind people on this page prayed for us and we seem to be out of the woods. I will pray hard a miracle happens for you

Need help.
by: Bert

My Lord God, please do not allow the bank to sell my home next Tuesday. My wife and I have always worked hard and never needed help until now. My wife being laided off after 21 years on the job and myself getting sick and now disabled, we are unable to pay our mortgage. Please help us and save our home. We need the stability to raise Anthony and Michael and stay near to my dad to support him.

I am grateful for what I have, but need my home to live a normal life. Please my Lord God, help us in our time of need. Amen.

Praying for you
by: Anonymous

I will definitely pray for you. We are in a similar way now and I too will be praying we can keep our house. May God bless you.

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