Prayer to Open her heart and save my marriage.

by Tom

Dear God, my wife Stacy has just recently told me she don't think we should be together anymore, and that she doesn't feel the same way about me. I know I've done things wrong, but I haven't been unfaithful, abusive, or dishonest.


We have a 5 year old little girl together who is so special to me. Please open her heart, and tell her not to give up. I will do anything in my power to make it work so I can be a dad and husband.

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Be still
by: Anonymous

It is not easy when going through a crisis such as this. Many will try to explain or even give advice; it is also easy to say give it to God. If it where up to you if you had the solution this would have been solved the day these words were said by your wife. Here is the truth when you have done all that you can you have to rely on the higher power of God believe it or not he knows what you're going through though you find yourself questioning your faith this is the test of it.God loves us unconditionally and he wants you to do the same that why we have these obsticals through life we always ask why,when we shouldn't be suprised of why not. believe me your faith is being tested and if you truley believe not matter what god is able.Have you forgotten what the minister said during your wedding ceremony what god has put together let no man put assunder,so go to your secret place and although it sounds cheesey cast your burdens upon him for his yolk is easy and he can definitely handle this situation and believe. please know matter what you've got to believe and trust. I'll be praying most ernestley for you also.Be blessed and continuely be in God's hand

by: Tampa fl

Marriage is not easy God has to be part of it
Please go to church each Sunday do not push
Her to go with you just go
The Lord will help

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