prayer to pay overdue bills

by Rita

I Have been very unsucessfull in finding a job for a very long time. I desperately need a job to provide for my family,keep the shelter above our heads and pay overdue bills.


Thank you.

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Gods Grace is sufficient for all your needs
by: Joelene Annaline

My dearest sister in Christ. I have prayed for you that God open the heavens unto and your family and pour forth blessings of prosperity, wealth, health, peace, renewed hope and love! I have prayed that new opportunities will be opened up to you and that God will send you people who can help you in this time of need.

I have prayed that you will not loose faith but cling fast to your Lord and take shelter in his word as the hardships of this life tug at your life, sanity and heart! You are never alone, God is still got you in the palm of his hand. Draw strength from knowing he has not desserted you, he is preparing you for something greater. You are his faithful servant and he loves you so much, he wants you to believe that he is the God of impossible situations and that his sending angels to your door as you read my comment! Fear not for you God is a gracious and giving God! He knows how much you can handle!

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