Prayer to provide a solution for us

by dbrit
(fort valley Ga)

Dear Lord: I trust in you. As surely as our financial situation has become dire, I know you have the power to quickly turn it around. I give my burdens to you and trust that you will provide a solution for us.


I give thanks to you for all you have always given me. Time is of the essence but I will trust in you to care for us financially. Please eased my mind in the meantime and help us to focus on your love and encouraging one another. In Jesus' name I pray.

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Keep the faith , he always answer .. in his time. Love
by: Cajetan

Praise Jesus

Help me Dear God
by: Anonymous

Dear God, Please Help me and my Daughter with financial stress, My daughter be forgiven for her sins, and direct her in the right direction Please bless her with a good Job for her future. I need you to hear my prayers for myself with many heartaches worries and financial stress I'm going thru at this time. Please give me a sign that my life will Change for the better, I have so much faith and trust in youthat you will lead me to a happier life., with continue good health, happiness and piece of mind, I will always be grateful, and thankful as I pray everyday to you. Please give me a sign as I am so upset these days. Thank You everyday.

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