Prayer to Remove Financial Worries

(Charlotte, NC)

Dear Father,


I come you with an open mind and heart. You know my current situation, you know my great intentions and willingness to help others but unfortunately I am unable to do so. I lost my job, I am not eligible for unemployment and bills are steady rolling in. Lord guide my steps.

I am depressed, I'm crying everyday, I'm not my normal happy self not only because I have no job or income but because I want to help people and I cannot which bothers me just as much as not being able to help myself. I ask that the right opportunity comes where I can utilize all three of my degrees, make top pay, help others and sponsor more children in need.

I ask that this financial hurt be removed by your blessings. Thank you for the many blessings; for all that you have done, are doing now and will do in the future. Thank You! Amen.

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