Prayer to remove the coldness and cruelness from Jeff's heart

(Waxhaw, NC, USA)

Dear Father God,

I ask that you remove the coldness and cruelness from Jeff's heart toward me. I ask that you soften his heart and he is reminded of why we first fell in love. I ask that we find peace in each other and that our bond tugs at his heart when he tries to look outside our relationship.

I ask that he constantly reminded of how much he still loves me and how much I touched his life. I have no business to ask for these things. But I will be willing to do the hard work to make it better and restore it. I don't have the faith to ask for all this in confidence.

Mine has been shattered by loosing my partner, home, security, no job and lost many of my friends. But I still have some hope that some of this can be answered. Please God let the message I wrote Jeff be taken in by him with love and kindness. Let no evil towards me fill his heart. In Jesus name Amen.

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