Prayer to reopen my eyes and show me you are still there for me and to win this spiritual battle with the devil

by Tj

Lord I just first off like to thank you for always staying by my side and getting me through the tough and confusing times I had in my life I also like to thank you for your protection and guidance you've given me . I pray that you give me the strength to follow the path you are setting for me and the strength to ignore all evil that tries to take me from you. I ask lord that you clear my mind of my shameful past and you forgive for all bad I've done and you help me to live a joyful life and that you take away all the depression and negative thoughts that settle in. I pray that you give me the strength to get rid of all bad addictions and to stop being influenced by the wicked. Lord, I also want you to show me how to gain this strong relationship with you' that I have been seeking I pray that you take away this heart ache that feels unbearable. I also ask lord that you strengthen the relationship I have with my wife. Thank you lord for the blessing of my unborn daughter I ask lord that you bring her into this world healthy.Please come to me now lord and show me how to get through everything I'm facing and for the emptiness I feel. Once again lord thank you for all your blessings you've given me and for the gift of live.

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