Prayer to restore the loving marriage we both once knew

by Carl

Father, I ask you to bring my wife Adriana to open her heart, take the Love Dare seriously and mend our broken hearts and bring us back together as man and wife.


She is currently contemplating seeking a divorce as she says she no longer feels the intense love we once knew, I have asked her for 40 days to commit to completing the Love Dare even though 2500 miles and an even greater distance of the heart now separate us. So far she has committed to doing this, but has done so with the hardest of hearts, expecting no positive outcome at all.

Please Father, open her eyes to what we both are losing, what pain has already been caused and the healing we can expect when we apply the same unconditional love you have shown to us through your Son, Jesus Christ and the sacrifice he made for all of us.

Though you ALL things are possible. I ask that you bless all that join in this prayer, making a stand to save this marriage,and all other marriages, one marriage at a time.

Dear Lord, you brought our two souls together once before, at very important times in our lives, refresh the memories of that love, cause it to grow once again in each of us. Each of us believe that in that love, neither of us were ever happier. I believe that no other can cause this to come to pass, you are the Great I Am, Creator of all seen and unseen, You alone have the ability to make this whole again and I ask that we not treat the gift of a loving spouse like a disposable item like this world tends to do.

I ask this, and ask others to join me in the same prayer that this and other marriages are saved remembering the love that brought them together and the commitment necessary to keep it going. In your Son's holy name, Amen.

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Apr 13, 2011
by: Carl

Papers were served last Saturday, I'm devastated. Nothing but a miracle can stop this now.

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