Prayer to reunite me in love

by J

St. Jude, I have been praying this prayer for weeks and my heart is crumbling. I have not asked you for help with my broken leg or in anything else since he has left me. I was such a fool to think that I did not need him.


I was so cruel and bitter towards him in the end. I am desperately begging for your help. Please I implore you restore our love, bring him back to me. I cannot live like this. I do not want to go on without his love. I have made.. a huge mistake in asking and praying for the wrong things, and I am sorry. You have come to my assistance every time. Please do not let me down now. I want to make it up to Michael, show him how kind I can be and how much love I have for him. I can;t think of the right thing to say right now, but you know what I need, and that is him to come back, or to take me back with him.

I am begging you imploring you with every fiber of my being please help me. I will name our first child after you, I promise. I know he is the one for me, no one else is as perfect. please, I am so heart broken. I thought i didnt want to be with him, that he was so much older and wanting to settle down and i was too young and would miss out, but now I know i do not want to give my youth to anyone else. i will love him forever. please i am begging you. please hear me and answer me swiftly. please intercede for me on my behalf.

I have been praying to mary too, please help me. please i beg of you. st jude you are the patron of hopeless cases and things almost despaired of. take favor on me please.

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