prayer to reunite with my true love

Please send me a prayer, i greatly need ur help. I was in a serious relationship with my lover since 7 years but from past 1 year we were looking each other and we wanted to marry. He refused to marry on the very last moment due to some personal commitments he could not marry me right now and after listening to his decision i got angry and scolded him.


This was the first time when i lost temper and scolded him. He is so angry from me that he is not all talking to me from 1 month. Please i promise to god that i will not scold him ever in life and always do what he wants. If he wants me to wait i will wait for him but i don’t want to get married to some other person.

I know he loves me a lot and me too but don’t know how i lost my temper. Please pray for me and reunite us. Please make him remember my unconditional love. I never asked anything from him but only asked for marriage and I can do anything to keep him happy and keep our relationship lively.

I love him a lot, please fill our will pure love for each other and remove all the anger and hatred which he has write in his heart for me. Please reunite us again as early as possible otherwise i will do something wrong because i can’t live without him and this guilt of hurting him. Please help!!!!!!!!!

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