Prayer to Save Me and My Home

by Deborah
(Washington, DC)

Father, I ask for financial help. I am not asking for a million dollars. Just enough to pay my rent and not lose my home. Father, please forgive me for putting myself in this situation. I now know that I can not chase a dream.


Something that will never happen. So, I am asking for your help. I pray for financial relief to pay my taxes, my utilities and be able to support my daughter while she is looking for a job.

Father, I ask for strength to deal with losing my home if it comes to it. Thank you, Father. Amen.

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Jul 02, 2013
Lost and Confused
by: Deborah

I prayed for help but nothing helped. I lost my home anyway. I let me and my daughter become homeless. I am still scrambling with taxes and trying to find me another home. Once you are evicted no one wants to rent to you anymore. I pray and pray for help. I still make the same salary as I did 4 years ago. So now everything that I look at that is decent, is past my means. My daughter still can't find a job. Yet, I still pray. Today, I came to the conclusion that prayers are just not answered. So I am stopping. I accept everything that has happened to me and even asked for forgiveness. No relief and my feet hurt so bad but I still get up and go to work. I pray for nothing anymore. Just ask for forgiveness!

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