Prayer to Sell My Home and Not Foreclose

Dear St. Joseph, I have been in my home for almost 10 yrs now and recently put it on the market for short sale. It has been 10 yrs of a fight for this condo-emotionally and financially. Today I pray for strength and the ability to move on. I've done everything I can to fight for this place and it's valued at half of what I paid.


I was supposed to get married and he took me for everything I had. I ended up raising my nieces with my parents and there's too many bad memories and trauma here. I had an offer on the table but I'm told anyone applying for a mortgage won't be able to get one bc of the conditions of my building.

Please bless me and help me not go into foreclosure because this was not how I ended this to happen. I just want to start over. Please help. Amen.

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