Prayer to sell our house as quickly as possible.

by Jacinta
(San Jose CA, U.S.A)

Saint Joseph, l understand that you help people who could not sell their homes to sell them . l have the faith and hope that you will help me as well. I am therefore asking you, to please help to bring serious buyers that will offer a reasonable price to our house so that it could be sold as quickly as possible since we want to relocate.


The house has been in the market for 5 months, no good buyer. Selling the house is the only hope of fulfilling my dream since l could not get help else where. l found my dream business but no money to pay, l decided to sell the house to enable me get some financial help. l graduated from a master's program, no good job to start paying my students loan, l decided to open up a business to enable me pay. Please help me to sell the house as quickly as possible so that l would not loose the business.

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