Prayer to Soften My Wife's Heart

by John

Oh Lord I pray that You will give me what I need to change and be the kind of man my wife needs and deserves for a husband. I have wronged her terribly by hiding financial problems and stealing her hopes and dreams. I have not treated her right emotionally. I have been a poor husband and friend. I must thank her because of her asking for a seperation I have come back to You Lord. She has saved me, now I ask for the chance to save her. I need the gift of patience and to soften her heart which I hardened through my actions. I also ask that her coworkers stop influencing her to not give me a chance. If I am given a fair chance, with Your help I can restore our marriage. Thank you Lord. Amen

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Jul 10, 2014
30 married years and now separated
by: Anonymous

I'm going through the same thing. 3 years ago I fell into a very short lived affair. I repented and gave been in counseling for 3 years. 9 months ago she decided she didn't love me and refused to discuss our relationship. She moved out 3 months ago. She now refuses to reply to texts. My adult children won't help and I'm in the dark as to her life. She refuses to communicate. She says she's happy. It's like witchcraft! She is a Christian but refuses to attend church or talk to Christian friends. I pray that the Holy Spirit will soften her heart, give her a new heart and break down the walls of resentment, bitterness, & unforgiveness. That the influences of darkness communicated by her support group will not prosper in Jesus' Name! Wait on the Lord, it's His battle. God's will is for your marriage to be restored and healed. God can mend hurting hearts and change bitter hearts that refuse to seek His face, but it takes time. In the meantime, continue to pray and work on yourself. Perhaps the Lord is waiting on your reaching a level of surrender to His will for things to really last as they work out. Have faith and fight for your marriage!

Apr 17, 2014
have faith
by: Anonymous

This website is extremely helpful
I am going through this too and you have to fix your eyes on Jesus and not the water you're walking on. Strengthen your faith in Christ. It's the only thing you can control. Have empathy and compassion for wife's pain and fear. Check out it is extremely helpful too. Pray for your wife and love her like Jesus. Have faith without doubt and you can say to the mountain you're facing be thrown into the sea. Don't be afraid. Fear and shame ate tools of Satan. Read about Adam and Eve. They his because they were afraid and ashamed. Whenever God or an angel of the Lord comes, they say "do not be afraid." Trust Jesus. Listen for His direction. Realize you can't fix this, but Jesus can. Have faith and rely on His power to be made perfect in your weakness. My wife isn't back yet, but I believe God will bring her back. His timing is perfect. Wait for Him to work. It can take time. When women get hurt, it's a big process to heal. Remember give this to the Lord. You can't win, but Jesus can and he does things perfectly.

Apr 05, 2014
me too
by: Anonymous

I am praying that prayer with all my heart. My wife is being controlled while in depression. I am asking the lord in to deliver her from the enemy and bring her into his loving arms. Please pray for us.

Apr 01, 2014
I also hardened my wife's heart.
by: Anonymous

I have wronged my wife, but I have seen my faults. I am trying really hard to win her heart back, but getting little to no results.
Please pray that my new found love for her will be appreciated, and she can open her beautiful heart to me once again. We used to tell each other "I love you" 2-3 times a day now she hasn't said it to me in nearly 2-1/2 months. I miss that a lot. Also she won't let me touch her, a hug is almost impossible. I have The Lord, and he is showing me love every day. She says "it's nice, but..." I think she dwells on the negative things too much. I have Christian friends supporting me, and praying for me, but I am asking for more prayers for me and my wife. The Lord Jesus knows my heart and my prayers, now I hope he hears it from many more.

Mar 07, 2014
My Friend
by: Anonymous

I am on the same ship. My wife is leaving very soon for a separation. It wasn't about finances but emotions. She is the love of my and I can't imagine being without her. But my therapist said give her space and do not push. So I am listening and getting my life back that I should have never let go in the first place. One day she says she loves me, the next day her heart is cold again. So maybe right now it is for the best so she can get the help that she needs. Only time heals the soul and heart and I pray to the Lord everyday for the both of us to be united as husband and wife again to love and honor in sickness and in health til death due us part.
Good luck and I am praying for you and all other couples going through this. It is like living in the twilight zone.

Jan 15, 2014
I'm in the same spot did the same thing and lied
by: Anonymous

I need prayer to for the same thing. we had money problems and i lied to here and daid i could take cate of it and couldn't. broke my wifes trust. and we seperated. been working on it for six months and her and my family interferes with our marriage. I'm trying to build trust and they talk down on me. id never lie to her again it hurt me and her. please pray for us to Randall and Amber

Nov 30, 2013
I'm in the same place you are
by: Anonymous

Iam praying for you I am going thru the same thing you are. I hope you get your chance, I'm still waiting on mine.

Sep 04, 2013
thank you for the prayer.
by: Anonymous

Thanks for the writer of this prayer i am in rhe same place i uave hardened my wifes heart and need the lord to softer her her to give me another chance. I have no pride i am willing to do what it takes to make it work. Thank lord for been there for me to turn to in my time of turmoil and please here my prayer. Amen.

Jun 27, 2013
Praying for you.
by: Anonymous

My husband & I were in the same situation 9 years ago but with prayer & faith in GOD we are very happiely married now for almost 42 years....It took a long time for me to trust him again but with the help of my LORD & Savior our marriage is better then it ever was.....
Praying that all works out for you & your wife in JESUS NAME...
Be blessed!!!!

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