Prayer to start a new journey in my life

Dear St. Jude,


I have seemed to suffer for most of my life. I know that there are a lot of people out there that have it way harder than me, I am not disabled, am not hungry, and have a roof over my head. For the things I DO have, I am very thankful. The reason why I say I suffer is because I have always felt like the outcast.

Not having a car, not having any real support. The person I thought truly loved me has moved on from me, and that ending relationship has left me completely heartbroken. I always thought I would be a college grad, and I have found myself to be so depressed and unmotivated that I have dropped out of school.

I was taken advantage of at work for small pay that I had to quit my job. For over a year I was at school and work, all while trying to mend a broken heart, I felt like a walking zombie. Right now I am not doing anything with my life. I am asking you to please pray for me and bless me with a job that I have applied for so I can begin my new journey, and get my life in order.

Thank you.

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