Prayer to stop foreclosure

by trea

please lord let the mortgage company accept our payments and let us catch up by making extra payments instead of just taking our home. we have taken on a grandchild and my mother in our small home and this burden is large but somehow we are making it work and are happy to be together but we need a little forgiveness from the mortgage company so we can catch up since we had a bad last year or so. please don't displace all 8 of us because of my poor money management and unfortunate circumstances. I promise oh blessed lord to be very mindful of our finances from now on and thankful for all the blessing you will send our family and have already. We have went from my husband and I to having all of his boys, baby and grandmother in the past year. It has been the hardest year of our lives thus far, please lord answer this urgent request and allow us the blessings you have in store for us to come as soon as possible. The glory is all yours for all the past, present and future blessing in our lives. Please pray for our desperate family finances. Give me strength to say no to our adult children as well.

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Stop BofA from Foreclosueing
by: hollis

Lord, I pray this prayer that knowing all power and in your hands, I pray you grant me wisdom and courage over my distress with the loan modification I've been praying for. in Jesus mightly name, I pray to you. Amen.

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