Prayer to stop masterbating

I find it difficult to stop masturbating, i hate my self any time i do it, but i just find my self doing it. please God help me to stop. please.

I pray that God in his infinite love and kindness should help me and my family, and divert every arrow of the enemy upon our live's.

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May 16, 2015
by: Anonymous

This is very sad :(. Masterbation is a basic human activity. If you don't know how to please yourself you can't expect to know how to please your spouse or how your spouse can please you. There is nothing evil about pleasure (so long as you're not hurting anyone) and there is nothing good about killing innocent (as God so loves to do in bible). Put things into perspective and spot feeding the negative energies with negativity. You are a beautiful human being. You're not a wretch, a sinner, or scum.

Nov 27, 2014
Lust n mastarberting

Dear God...i cum b4 ur throu as i plead to u that u may 4gv me of my lastfuly sinner b4 u and i ask 4 ur healp as the bible "i have cum 4 sinners to repant" may u jesus christ dlv me 4rm my sins. And find a dwelng plac in my body..may u uproot evry seed that is nt of u in our bodies...fathr i ask ths in the name of our Jesus christ

Jun 21, 2014
Power of confession
by: Supum

Dear,you can get rid for this sin from good confession because good.honest confession will be stepping stone to get rid from that sin
..ask Holy Spirit bless you and ask to give courage strengthen to do good confession then you will see the healing power of our Lord almighty Just now go to have good confession....
May God bless you....

May 25, 2014
masterbating sin
by: Anonymous

Please dear heavenly father God in the name of the son Jesus christ help me and those who struggle with porn and masturbating. I know that it is a sin and that Yu dislike it so please God help us. Amen

Sep 07, 2013
God answer my prayer
by: Anonymous

God i pray that i will stop masterbating

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