Prayer to strengthen boyfriends heart

by J

Dear God, please be with me in my and my boyfriend's time of struggle. My boyfriend, S, left as you know; we had lived together, and I believed were to be married. He has so many fears and worries inside him, and he has so much pain. He said he couldn't be what I needed, but, God, he is!


We both are faithful, but he thinks your messages were telling him to leave rather than work on our relationship. You brought us together, Lord, we agree on that fact. Please strengthen him to allow him to let go of the hurt from the past; please remove the demons he feels plague him in his heart.

You said your greatest gift was love, God, please let S remember that and what we had together. We both still love one another; he has told me, and you know, God, that I have nothing put love in my heart... even though I am now filled with so much pain. We were both alone until we found one another.

He has no family. I have little. Please bring him back, wanting to heal, work together, and make a life with one another. We both believe you guide us, God; please guide us back to one another and stay with us, protect us, and have us do your will.

Heavenly Father, please answer my prayer. I know you hear so many, and so many are in much greater need. But, please, Lord hear my prayer, too. Amen.

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You are a beautiful person and I pray that your prayer is heard
by: Anonymous

Your poem really touched me and inspired me to pray for my relationship. Sometimes I think it's wrong to pray whenever your bf and yourself aren't getting along, because I feel people need to do things on their own will. However, I've come to realize that people are willing to be better, you just have to pray that God gives them the strength to do so. I pray that God hears your prayer, because obviously you carr deeply enough to post it online. God bless you and your relationship <3

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