Prayer to the Lord. I need my green card to be issued to get a job fast.

by beth

Dear Jesus,


By the power your name I am here for you to say thank you for everything you have done into my life, I am here for you today for a miracle request Lord you are the control of every person and all what going on to life now, I believed that you have all god purpose and plan for us, Lord I need my green card in able for me to get the jobs in Accountemp/ Robert half, Lord you have the control of everything I believed this jobs you have to give me I'm dreaming to join that big company for my family and kids future for you know what inside my heart therefore I am here for you to help me and give me the job its sound crazy but I know you powerful GOD everything my trust in you, St Jude helper and keeper for all please help me and keep this job for me. My hope is all in your hand and plan. But my wish is to have a Jobs in Accountemp/Robert half company as my Christmas Gift. and start new life in 2013. Thank you lord and I love you Amen.

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May 13, 2015
My only trust and love Jesus...hear me
by: Anonymous

what a life..was there a purpose in my life or I was born to have negative impacts in love, career, and future. How long do i suffer, I am not alone, now my 2 kids have to struggle with me. Can I expect a positive change or get a break from negative impact. what did I do. Did I screw up somewhere. Did I hurt someone. Did I not believe you since a child. I remember one thing I couldn't keep my promises until today about financial offering. when can I be stable. Why am I born this way. Why did I choose this life. Why did I not pick the right choice. Why confusion until today. 13 yrs no fun, no fashion, no savings. mistake? no money, no partner, no people. Just suffer and struggle are with me for 13 yrs. earth revolves, life is continuing, my life is revolving for nothing. What is my future like. Oh Jesus, can u .......hmm not sure what to ask now..Amen

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