Prayers for financial abundance

by Latosha
(Baton Rouge)

Thank you god for all of my blessings, I have experienced so many miracles in my life. I'm not confused, I know exactly what I need to improve my life, a closer relationship with you. With you and your guidance I have no fear but when troubled times pull me into darkness I need your light to help me find my way back to you.


I have made many wrong turns that you have made right. God I have learned my lesson and I pray to you now to release my financial blessing so that I may live the life you blessed me without stress. I am ready to give my life to the work you have planned for me. I am praying for me, like I never have before. You've shown me that I am not alone when I have you in my heart.

Help me release this stress and worry about money, help me understand your plan and accept it in faith. I pray for the Financial Abundance Blessing to achieve my goals! TBTG

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