prayers for healing the ringing in my left ear

by Marcia
(Brooklyn NY)

Oh God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob I beg thee mercy on my life. I surrender my all to you oh lord and accept you as my Lord and savior. I ask of your healing hands on my ear that I may be released from this constant ringing day and night. I humbly ask you my Lord to forgive me all my sins known and unknown. I ask for your blessings upon my life and to give me strength, courage , wisdom and understanding that I may serve you in spirit and in truth. I a humble servant as thee to strengthen my faith in thee through the name of your son my Lord Jesus Christ. Have mercy on my oh lord son of David I cry out to you for help for you are the only help I know. My God you have created this world from nothing and you have created me perfectly and I am asking you my God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob to recreat my brain and ear that I may be free from all infirmities. Lord please help me to live a Godly life of peace, love and unity with my brothers and sisters in christ. Amen

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