Prayers to help me put my life back together !

by Anita

Dear Heavenly Father Please help me be a better person & forgive me for my sins & mistakes & please let the court give me a second chance to stay on the PTI I was given but failed a drug test & now want to take me to trial ! I have been put through hell the past several yrs w/the betral of my husband & am begging for a chance to stay on the PTI & not put through more pain because of a bad mistake & all I want is to be given a second chance to prove myself as a good caring loving person & never should have been arrested to begin with but I beg for your forgiveness & support to get me through all the bad & let me be given the chance to stay on the PTI & put my life back together w/you God by my side & not have to face anymore bad things & a chance to move on & be happy again! I don't deserve to keep going through so much hell & I feel that being a good person & living w/you dear God in my heart soul & life that I should be given a chance to feel & know that w/god all things can be better & with you by my side I can move forward & do good things if given the chance. Please Dear Lord forgive me for my mistakes & sins & let my lawyer be able to keep me on the PTI & give me the faith that w/you in my life & heart you will get me past this & guide me to do better & always help others in need. Thank you Lord for all you do for me & for being by my side as u always r & helping me as you have so much ! In Jesus name i pray amen !!

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