Praying earnestly now for over a month to you for hope

Dear Lord,


I have being praying earnestly now for over a month to you for hope. I was told that you have allowed some to go through bad times even after they prayed to you to help them.

I have already suffered a lot and pray you put an end to this suffering. I have gone through so much and do not want to suffer anymore. Everyday I worry and look and wonder when it will end or if it has. I want to go on with my life without worry. I need some happiness to finally to look forward to. I have been sad for so long and work around others I do not trust. I have to work or I would not be there. I feel so isolated and that is not the way life should be.

I wish I could be happier and the only way is to not worry so much. Please Lord, help me to find that kind of peace in my heart, soul and mind. I try to do right and would never do anything wrong intentionally.

I should not have to suffer for that. All I want is to look forward to the future and not to dread it, Lord. I ask all this in your name. AMEN

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