Praying for a great job and positive life

by Christy
(Los Angeles )

Dear Jesus,

I pray to you today for a job today that will succeed in my financial duties as a single mom. I know I have not always been close. I need assistance in helping myself and kids be closer to you. I need guidance in right path for my family and I . I thank you for everything you have given to my family and I and the people who blessed us in the past.

I also pray that whatever bad has happened to please let this bad be the past. I feel every time it goes bad it goes horrible. Please help me rise from all these legal and financial problems. I'm trying stay positive but feel I always get knocked down by something else. Please help others find a great Jobs at there time of need. Amen .

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Praying for You
by: Anonymous

May God grant you the wisdom and fortitude to wait for the right opportunity. May He grant you ENOUGH. Enough to meet your family's financial and spiritual needs.

Amen Sister!
by: Anonymous

I amalso a single mom, and I so appreciated this payer, Thank you for sharing it.

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