Praying for mysterious back pain relief

by Jackie
(Ohio, USA)

Background: I'm 25-years-old and have never suffered from any back issues until December. I woke up with horrible pain and have seen 2 doctors, a physical therapist, countless massage therapists etc etc to no avail.


I'm on muscle relaxants, pain medication, anti-inflamatories and it's not getting any better. Science only goes so far and then God comes in. Please pray for me below.

God I know you already know my situation and my ailment, as you know all. As the higher power and the Almighty you are infinitely capable of healing, and I ask you to please heal me, one of your loving children. Please give me divine patience and perseverance while I wait to be healed and wait for the pain to be diminished until I am back to full health.

Let my experience with this ailment and its future healing be a reminder to your greatness, your kindness and your mercy. Let me use this experience to remember that my body is a temple--and your greatest masterpiece. Let me love and cherish my temple and be grateful for it, in all its perceived imperfections and flaws. Amen.

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