Praying for restoration of friendship, job for sister & to meet my future husband

Dear Jesus - I humbly pray that you will restore my friendship with JS VERY soon. Please let him reach out to me with a kind response to my email to him today.


I also ask that you guide my sister in her search for a new job & will bless her with a wonderful opportunity in a location that will be well-suited to her (please keep her in or near her current location if at all possible). And more than anything else, I desire to receive the sacrament of marriage and I beg God to please bring the man He has chosen to become my husband and I together very soon so that we can begin our life together, enter into a happy and lasting union and be blessed with as many children as God intends.

I humbly and urgently ask for God's blessings in these matters. I so greatly desire these things, but may God's will be done. Amen.

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