Praying for strength and encouragement

by Pamela Pospichal
(Muscoda, WI United States)

I'm in a difficult situation at work, being harassed by management. I need a better paying job, need help finding the right career path. I want to be happy, be able to reach my full potential and be successful. I pray not to lose faith & hope and not give up.


Help me sort out my life and make jobs available and let me have the confidence to perform well in any interviews. I want to be in a rewarding good paying job with good health benefits for my family. I want not to be depressed and I'll. Protect my marriage, family, health, prayers for new car. Prayers that my son Zach do well for mid-terms and find a job.

Prayers that my daughter and her family sell their home to good family and can find a really nice home for themselves.

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