Praying for strength and to find my way

by Lisa
(NJ, US)

Dear Lord,

I know the challenges you've put in my path are there to strengthen me, to finally deal with my condition. However, I am so lost and don't know how to cope anymore. Life has been so hard and I've missed out on so much, that I am left with no hope for some happiness in the future.

It takes all my strength to merely exist. I have to believe that you put me on this earth for a greater reason. I know there is so much more I do & want to help others having grown from my limitations. The recent challenge has just gone on for so long, that I don't know how to effect some positive change. I've shut everyone out and left with very few that support me and don't want to burden them with my problems.

I need to find a job soon, so I don't loose the house. I desperately want to change things. I feel like I am cursed to have this condition which has destroyed my life. I need your help to be strong and face what is ahead. I'm just so tired. Please help me turn things around so that I can begin to cope and build some type of life. Please watch over me.

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