Praying urgently for new job where my God-given talents are used & appreciated

by Erin

I am blessed in so many ways. What I pray for more than anything are opportunities to share my blessings and God-given talents and qualities with others who will fully appreciate and value me and my talents/qualities/etc.


I pray with extra urgency for God’s powerful intervention regarding a wonderful new job. I pray that K at company BN hires me for a job in the next month or so. I pray that I really love it from the start, am so happy, use my talents daily, am successful, appreciated and valued by everyone, and earn a great income. And that I make a smooth transition into the job.

I have been waiting for a new, exciting job where I can use my talents for a very long time. If I get a job with BN I will be the happiest person and at peace. I will be able to begin thriving and truly enjoying my life and all its blessings.

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