Protect My New Clothing Line and Business Via Internet and store front.

by single mom
(Englewood Cliffs NJ)

Father God in the name of Jesus I pray that my new clothing line will be come as successful as Gucci. father God I pray that I received the money to start up my new clothing line. I declare I will become a successful New clothing line designer. I declare I will receive $200,000 to start up my new clothing line and business via internet and storefront in two states.


I declare that my new clothing line what be successful abundant financially stable for the next 20 years. I declare when my business starts I can give my full 10 percent back to God. I declare to become a very successful young entrepreneur. I declare Jesus will send the right people in my path to help me become successful.

I declare he was saying the right person to design my website. I declare a gross income of 500,000 per year.

Father God I'm standing on your word thank you Jesus. Thank you for giving me creativity. All these things I ask and declare and your name Jesus.

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