Protection of heart health and mind

by Teresa

Lord all I can do anymore is pray. My neck leg and back are in so much pain with no relief. My mind is depressed from all this pain. I feel inadequate and unworthy anymore father I am so lost hurt and confused I don't know what to do or where to go anymore. Please pray for the protection of all that ails me mind body heart and soul.


I feel like I am being attacked by the devil daily and I need complete hope and strength to make it through each day. Please dont allow my depression to hurt my children as I see this happening. Please protect them always my daughter with her dental surgery my son with his decision to work and the right job. My oldest daughter with her schooling keep my grandson safe always. And please help my youngest daughter not to feed off my depression. Please help my life Lord I need you more now than ever. Please father I am struggling greatly. Please come to me heal and help me make me strong again. I have been through so much I am being tortured.

Please come to my aid grant me faith hope love light and life again. Most importantly please forgive me of all my sins I beg of you. In your sons most precious loving name I pray. Amen

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Oct 30, 2015

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Nov 06, 2014
by: A Friend

Teresa, you sound like a wonderful, caring and loving person and I pray that God will restore you to good health and protect you and your family. You obviously love them all so much and that is the greatest gift that anyone can offer. Please don't be so hard on yourself, you cannot help feeling poorly. God Bless you and your family. Amen

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