PRrayer for This child in my womb

by Sarah

Lord, I come to you now and thank you for this wonderful gift you've given me. I have prayed for this child for a long time and you have blessed me. I pray for protection for this baby against miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy and that it will be healthy and these next eight months will be joyful not fearful.


I rebuke the enemy and the doubtful words this doctor has spoken. You Lord, have performed miracles in my life, even as a baby and I know you can still perform these miracles. I ask for you to send your angels for protection over my womb and I have faith this pregnancy will continue without threat or harm.

I do not believe this baby is an ectopic and if it is, I believe you are powerful enough to move it to a better safer place in the womb. I trust in you Lord and your mighty power and grace. Give me peace as I wait and give me strength as I continue to walk faithfully. Thank you for all you've done and for this miracle. In Jesus' name, Amen :)

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God Bless
by: Ricky

May God Bless u Sarah.Jesus Christ will Help you during your pregnancy period and bless you with a beautiful child, AMen

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