Relationship prayer

by Sd
(San Diego )

Dear lord I pray your are listening , please be by my side and guide me to the right path in which can help me fix my relationship with my fiancé. We've been together for many years and be through tougher times, but this one maybe the toughest, he has made an assumption that I have been unfaithful and only you lord knows the real truth, regardless if my reassuring him, he is not taking the truth I speak. I pray lord you are with me and help me to find a way to fix our relationship. I true lay believe is the one made for me and I never intended for anyone to get hurt.. I take full responsibility for what is visibly true but am hurt that he believes I could be unfaithful. Please lord soften his heart so that we maybe able to talk things over and work through your name lord, I love you amen

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