Request for more prayers to resolve our shaky marriage status

by Dre

My wife and I are in s shaky relationship now. We are no longer staying in one house. Sunday lunchtime upto Friday morning, my wife is scheduled to stay home with our 2 sons; while Friday afternoon until Sunday before lunch is my schedule at home. We have 2 sons (16 years old and 14 years old, respectively). They are greatly affected with what is happening with our relationship.


My wife is in a midlife crisis / transition. She feels that people (including me, our sons, and her mom) approaches / recognizes her only when they / we need her help. When I worked abroad for a year, she felt that she was left all by herself. Now that I am back (ended by work abroad), she still feels the same - no companion and no family. Thus, she decided to be alone and moved out of our home because she is not ready yet to be with me in one house. I convinced her to stay at home and I'll be the one to move out, for her safety. She agreed but still took an apartment - so that I can also have time with our 2 sons every week (as defined in the schedule I mentioned earlier).

Please pray for me, for my wife and for our 2 sons. I know that this is just a temporary phase in our family life. I believe that once we get over this struggle, we will be a better and a more loving family.

Thank you very much for your spiritual help thru prayers.

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