Restoring broken relationship

by Chane
(South Africa)

Dear God,


I am so sorry for the pain I caused him. I realize how selfish I was and it all spiraled out of control. I know there is people against us getting back together but I believe in honest and true love. He made me the person I am today. Lord, soften his stubbornness and his pride, surround him with those who offer loving advice and dear Lord, reunite us. Give us a chance to continue on the journey that we started. Take away his temptations, take away ill-advice, fill his heart with the goodness of what once was. Lord, in you I trust, and to you I pray everyday. Lord, hear and answer my prayer.

I promise to devote my life to You and lead our relationship on solid ground. Never will I ever return to my ways of doing.

Lord my heart is broken and I pray that you remove the brokenness and replace it with hope and not fear, with faith and remove all doubt. I pray for a revival in our lives and relationship. I pray that you remind him of my love for him in a profound way. I pray that you surround him with your love.


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