Reuniting Back into a Stronger Relationship with my Ex-Boyfriend

by Ashley
(Sherman Oaks, Ca)

Dear Lord,


When I met my ex I knew that you had brought him in my life as my life partner and soul mate. I stopped including you in this blessing and things fell part in our communication and understanding. He broke up with me yet we have remained a form of friends and he says he cares still.

I know that we have more to our journey but forces pulled that apart. I ask for your forgiveness and pray that you can help bring our bond and relationship back together and remove the negative that separated our path. I want to make you apart of our lives and ask that you can give this love one more opportunity to continue but the right way with your blessings and our a acknowledgement and thankfulness for you.

I open my heart fully and give you back the path and won't follow worldly temptations because I know that will guide our relationship in the best direction. I come to you with my whole heart and soul. Amen

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